Things I want in the new house (I)

Although the house we are going to move in is a 110 years old traditional Dutch house, this has been fully rebuilt in 2011. This makes it perfect to move in right away but before we would like to change some things to make it more in our taste.

The house does not have a hall or corridor that serves as entryway. When the street door is open you will find yourself in the middle of the kitchen and you will be able to see the living room as well since both rooms are part of the same space. This is something I don’t really like but space is gold in this country. The absence of a proper entryway is challenging. From a practical point of view we won’t have space for jackets or shoes when entering in the house and from the decorative point you can see half of the house from the very entry door.

One of the first thing  I would like to have in the new house is a bench in the kitchen, probably a built-in bench. I see it functional as an entrance seat but it will be also the place to seat when eating. The bench will be located under the kitchen window giving natural light to the eating table. These are some inspirational pictures I have looked at:


Bench from wall to wall. One side will serve as seating place for dining, the other side will be part of the entrance of the house


Bench from wall to wall. One side will serve as seating place for dining, the other side will be part of the entrance of the house


Same idea of bench from wall to wall with the dining table sited at the middle


This is another possible location for the bench instead of along the window

Bench 2

L-shape bench (more compact)

The kitchen is already built in the house. It is only 5 years old and I am not planning to change it. Only a fridge is missing to complete the picture. The kitchen is white, modern but not very special and the fridge will be almost first thing you will see when you open the street door. There is something clear here, I want a retro Smeg refrigerator. They are functional, colourful and beautiful, simply perfect when the fridge is part of the space where you are going to spend most of the time in the house.


Here some pictures of kitchens with retro refrigerators I have looked at:

Kitchen 2

Pink is always a good idea 😉


But mint fridge is my favourite


This is not Smeg but it is other type of retro fridge

As I have mentioned before the kitchen and living room are part of the same space in the house. I love the houses with this distribution because all the inhabitants of the house could be sharing the same space and doing completely different tasks at the same time. From my point of view having the kitchen, dining room and living room in the same space is full of advantages as long as the space of the room is big enough. Whether you are a fan of this type of spaces or not, the industrial glass doors are a perfect solution to separate spaces without missing a single ray of light. I am a big fan of this type of doors. I believe they make the space look bigger than it is, they are beautiful and at the same time they could be functional as they might avoid cooking fumes to travel all around the house. It is not yet decided if we are going to separate kitchen and living with the glass doors but these pictures have caught my eye and I cannot stop thinking about how much the space can improve by just adding an industrial glass wall.


The glass wall could be open without doors


It could have glass door as well


Another example of glass wall without door


The glass wall is great also as a sliding door

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Still too much to decide but these are the first three items we are busy with: a bench, a fridge and glass wall, yes or no? and if yes, door or not door?

We are about to start the searching for suppliers in the Netherlands. I will post all  my discoveries. Exciting times ahead…


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