The Perfect ‘Small’ Dining Table

I would love to have a huge wooden table in the house. A big table close to a window from where you get the maximum possible natural light. But unfortunately the space is limited and the table cannot be as big as I wish.

I’m looking for a table about 180×80 cm dimension and I have several options in mind with slightly different measures and shapes.

This is the ‘Squeeze Table’ by Universo Positivo. It cannot be well appreciated in the pictures but the shape is not square regular. It’s a long but narrow table (200×70 cm) natural wood and industrial touch with the metal rack in white or black:

Squeeze table2

The industrial table by Nordal is also a good choice for being compact (180×70 cm) and adding an industrial touch with the metal legs and natural raw wood. It can be bought int the vtwonen shop:

I have visited the store of Loods 5 in Zandaam last weekend and I found there several tables to consider. The two that I like the most are part of the new collection of Design 5 and they are not online yet. These are the photos that  I took from the tables named Vlinder and Mikado. Both come in different dimensions and wood options. The smallest size available is 180×90 cm, which make them a bit too large for my small space.

A completely different table that caught my eye is this round table of Nordal. I have always had in mind a rectangular table but round tables could be a good option for small spaces. This table with a concrete coating and mango wood legs is very special and makes me reconsider all what I have shown you before. The dimension of this is 100 cm diameter.

Nordal round table



  1. Squeeze table (200×70 cm) [1079EUR in Mr Design]; 2. Nordal raw table (180×70 cm) [799EUR in Vtwonen]; 3. Nordal round concrete wood table (100 cm diameter) [619EUR in Henderson concept]

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