New storage system by IKEA (#elvarli)

The new ELVARLI system from IKEA comes just on time in my life. I have spent the last weeks looking for a nice (and affordable) system to create a small walk-in closet in the bedroom of my new house and ELVARLI seems to be a pretty good option. It has a beautiful design, and the possibility of choosing white or bamboo shelves. The combination of the white bars with the bamboo shelves has convinced me to go for it.





Honestly, I was never totally convinced by the other systems from IKEA. Although I found quite inspirational pictures in Pinterest of the STOLMEN system (that, by the way, it seems not anymore available at IKEA online) I still thought it was a bit brute or unfinished. The other available system, ALGOT, was never among my options as a visible walk in closet. I see it as a more suitable storage system to be used in the washing room, pantry room or in a garage.

Another option that I considered I found it in Bed Habits. They have two available systems to compose an open closet: the serie Loft and the serie N which, in addition, allows several combinations of colours. The problem here was the price. The finish of the systems is beautiful and perfect to be part of the visible side of a bedroom however, even the most simple structure of bars and shelves started to count above 2000 EUR.

Bed habits open closet

Serie Loft from Bed Habits


Serie N from Bed Habits. Photo:

ELVARLI system seems the perfect balance between a beautiful finish and an affordable price. It is more expensive than the STOLMEN system but, in my opinion, it offers a better solution for those who want to create a visible closet in the bedroom. Of course, it could be also a good option as a room divider or storage system in other parts of the house, but walk in closets is  all I have in mind these days.

Now I only need to decide the right distribution and go for it! The bedroom has a strange L-shape with a long arm of 3×1.5 m. It is in this space where I am planning to set up one of the following combinations of the ELVARLI system from IKEA:

ELVARI combs

ELVARLI system: two different symmetrical options that I am considering for a wall of 3 meters long

The price is really sensitive to the number of drawers ;). This is something to really take into account when making the design of your closet because the price of adding a couple of drawers could be as high as the price of a chest of 6 drawers that you could place in other part of the room. I have made a comparison of prices for the same kind of structure with different number of shelves and drawers.  It can be a difference of almost 300€  between the different options just for adding extra shelves or drawers that might be not so important. Sometimes less is more when it comes to clothes organisation.



3 thoughts on “New storage system by IKEA (#elvarli)

  1. Parts of the of Elvarli system are on indefinite hold from IKEA. Apparently, there is a safety concern, and they have ceased selling of the upright poles and sent plans back to the manufacturer. They will not order, find or sell the poles — No if’s, and’s or but’s.

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    • Yes, I heard. Finally I bought this system but not with the poles. The problem with the poles is that you have to fix them to the ceiling. The other one is to be fixed to the wall and so far so good. I will post some pictures soon.
      Thanks for your comment


  2. Spent an entire day trying to install the pole system. Worst engineering possuble the screws to attach the flat tilted shelves designed to hold shoes are so poorly designed. Do not buy this product!! We have built many other IKEA products with great success and satisfaction, but this is a total disaster. They should be ashamed.
    Rico, Boston


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