Renovation of the bathroom

First thing that was clear when we decided to buy the house was that the bathroom needed an update. It is not a very big space and, specially for this reason, it is needed to rethink it and make it as functional and beautiful as possible. Because this is the first place you go when you wake up and the last you go before going to bed.

The best way to get to know what you like and if what you like fits together is trough a moodboard. In general, I like industrial style but I also like vintage pieces, old floors and rustic environments. How can all these go together? When I started to cut and paste items that I like for my bathroom I realised immediately that I could make two different moodboards. I called the first “black & white” and the second “vintage farm”

Bathroom black & white

Bathroom vintage farm

As you can see the first one is more industrial-like although it has an “old touch” with the hydraulic tiles on the floor and the vintage wooden vanity. The black faucets and the steel glass for the shower complete the industrial look that I love so much.

The second moodboard combines elements typical from a farm-house, like the vintage sink or the old vitrine cabinet, with golden details in the mirror or lamps. Again I added hydraulic tiles on the floor because I have a love affair with this kind of floors since I can remember. I cannot be more happy that they are now really trendy and the offer out there is huge.

Now it’s only time to make a decision and go for one of the moodboards. Which one would you choose?


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