Stairs: before & after

I would like to share the before and after of some parts of the house. Even if you don’t do big construction work, small changes can make a big difference. You will see.

The first step we took to transform the house in our home was a simple one: painting. There were some walls, the stairs and the baseboard of the house painted in a brownish color that I found particularly sad. The first idea was to freshen up the space just painting it all in white. There will be time later to change the color of some walls once you have a better idea of how you want to decorate your house. Together with painting, removing the small wall next to the stairs was at the top of the list of things to be done.


This is a photo of the living room area as it showed the day we moved-in.

You can argue that the wall is functional so you can use the handrail to go up and down, which is true but it is also true that the wall stopped the light from travelling from the living to the kitchen area and reduced the space feeling.

The brownish color of the stairs and the wall made that point of the house very dark and sad. We wanted something lighter, more natural so we browse around to search for ideas that could feed our expectations for that point of the house.


Credits: 1 2 | 3 | 4

I liked the combination of wood and white. It gives a very natural and clean feeling. My favourite was picture 2 and 3, keeping the upper part of the step in wood and all the rest painted in white.

First step was removing the wall and second removing the brown paint and polishing the stairs to find the original wood in there.


Some photos of the work-in-progress


It was beautiful to discover the original wood behind all those layers of paint

And here you have the final result with the pictures of the before and after.collage_1_final

collage_2_finalWhat do you think? The change is huge, I can tell you. Only removing a wall, a bit of polishing and a bit of painting and you feel you are in a different room. For now we are going to leave it like this but maybe we will install a glass wall (like in photo 4 of inspiration) or maybe a banister (like in photo 1)… we will see.

A home has a never ending story


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