Renovation of the bathroom

First thing that was clear when we decided to buy the house was that the bathroom needed an update. It is not a very big space and, specially for this reason, it is needed to rethink it and make it as functional and beautiful as possible. Because this is the first place you go when you wake up and the last you go before going to bed.


New storage system by IKEA (#elvarli)

The new ELVARLI system from IKEA comes just on time in my life. I have spent the last weeks looking for a nice (and affordable) system to create a small walk-in closet in the bedroom of my new house and ELVARLI seems to be a pretty good option. It has a beautiful design, and the…

Things I want in the new house (I)

Although the house we are going to move in is a 110 years old traditional Dutch house, this has been fully rebuilt in 2011. This makes it perfect to move in right away but before we would like to change some things to make it more in our taste. The house does not have a…